Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grimm Episode 8 Portland filming locations

And your gratuitous Portland Bridge Footage of the Week is the.......Hawthorne Bridge!

Grimm Episode 8 "Game Ogre"
A synopsis of this week's episode: "A string of brutal murders leads Nick and Hank to a man who recently escaped prison."

Aired: Friday, Jan. 13, 9/8c

Guess what? That "man who recently escaped prison" is a big ogre, and that big ogre is actually a local boy. According to The Columbian
"Eric Edelstein, 34, a Vancouver native and Hollywood actor, guest-starred as the supernatural ogre in the episode “Game Ogre” on Friday’s episode of “Grimm,” ..."

The opening scene brings us the first murder of the episode, in the home of a local official named Logan Patterson. Apparently his character attended "Camas School of Law", as the diploma prominently displayed on the wall states. Huh?

Next we find the big ogre hanging out in his car, drinking, and throwing a severed hand into the river along the Eastside Esplanade, SE side under the Hawthorne Bridge.

More Portland locations:
  • Back to the Police Station
  • Raid on apartment complex murder scene (inside)

Mary Robinson's house - the scene of another murder 
- located @ 2925 NW Raleigh St, Portland OR
- this is next door to Adalind's mom's house @ 2939 NW Raleigh (from Episode 17)

Montgomery Park building
Springwater Corridor @ Ross Island Sand & Gravel 
  • Ross Island Sand & Gravel - scene of the final showdown with the big ogre
  • Shot of the Ross Island Bridge

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