Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grimm Ep 317 "Synchronicity" Portland filming locations

"Adalind returns to Portland with Nick's mother as her bodyguard." Aired 4/4/14 @ 9/8C.

Still Escaping

Adalind and baby are still trying to make their escape through the Swiss Alps and Meisner jumps out of a tree to take on multiple bad guys, only to return to the car and find Adalind and baby gone. But not to worry, Nick's Mom saves the day!

The Silver Fleet

The ladies take off in a shiny WWII plane called the Silver Fleet... and poor Meisner looks a little sad to say goodbye.

A photo of The Silver Fleet at Pearson Field in Vancouver, WA:

The Great Silver Fleet at Pearson Air Field (Image:

Did we just find out who the Daddy is???

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