Sunday, October 19, 2014

Grimm Ep 319 "Nobody knows the Trubel I've Seen" Portland filming locations

"Nick's world is turned upside down when he discovers that a young drifter named Trubel is actually another Grimm." - Aired 4/25/14 @ 9/8C.

Opener - Morrison Hotel Bar

The episode opens with Renard crying his eyes out at the Morrison Hotel with a drink and a napkin that says "Diana".

Morrison Hotel Bar - 719 Southeast Morrison Street
(Now the Bar Home.)

As Renard leaves, Westin tries again to take care of him but is thwarted by a bus (at the SE Morrison & 9th bus stop.)  (That's Grand Central Bowl in the background.)

In Comes Trubel

A girl trudges along a dark empty road by herself when she is attacked by 2 Wesen along St. Helen's Road...

Truck Found

The truck is found in "SE Industrial" area, in front of the Hampton Opera Center building on the eastbank - 211 SE Caruthers St .

Some nice shots in the backdrop of our new bridge - Tilikum Crossing.

Trubel Gets Boots

Nice cameo of Lizard Lounge where Trubel picks up some hip black boots...and another attacker.
1323 NW Irving St
(Note: Lizard Lounge closed in 2020.)
Lizard Lounge on
Check out some photos from filming via @Grimm_FamilyFilming #Grimm #PDX (pics via @GuardianRE_pdx)

Park Fight

Trubel is chased down and then slays another Wesen. Recognize this park?

Back to the the Central Eastside

Nick and Co. catch up with her in the Central Eastside, under the Morrison Bridge near Montage and City Liquidators (with their festive street flags).
SE 3rd & Morrison


Nick brings her home to meet Juliette and stay awhile...we'll see how this goes!

Other familiar scenes this episode:


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