Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grimm Ep 402 "Octopus Head"

"As Trubel continues to track the Gedachtnis Esser, a mysterious woman comes to Captain Renard's aid and Adalind arrives in Vienna.Aired 10/31/14 @ 9/8C.

Ep 402 Opener

Hospital scene - Renard is revived by the mysterious blonde lady with the snake jumper cables.

Octopus Hotel (Timothy's hotel)

"Multnomah Hotel" - Embassy Suites by HIlton Portland Downtown

Kronenburg Castle 
Joseph Wood Hill Park, Rocky Butte - 3341 NE Rocky Butte Road, Portland

Drinking coffee on the Broadway Bridge

Bus Stations 
  • NW Marshall Street, between 9th St and 10th St
  • NE Sandy Boulevard and NE 66th Street

Who is she? on

Did we get answers?

1. Renard is pronounced dead at the hospital...?!
2. Who is the mysterious blonde woman who showed up at Renard's death scene?
3. Nick has not regained his Grimm powers...


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