Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aftermath of the storm

Well, the "big storm" came and went.  It started snowing in the South Waterfront around 9pm last  night, and tapered off in the middle of the night.
Elizabeth Caruthers Park around 11:00pm
We did see the a little bit of the same slip-sliding silliness of 2008 on Gaines St heading up to Macadam and also on Curry St coming down from Macadam.  At 4:00 am the snow was already melting some, although I saw one poor guy stuck on the side of the road halfway up Gaines.  Those trying to get up the streets in Lair Hill were also experiencing the same difficulties.
Gaines St between Moody & Macadam
Although there were a number of snow-related problems in the hills and outer areas, the biggest impact in our neck of the woods seemed to be from a "minor landslide" on the I-5 exit to Macadam. The Macadam off-ramp was closed all day while repairs took place. As of 5:30pm, the right lane is now open, but the exit ramp is still closed.
Cleanup of landslide on Macadam

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