Thursday, January 12, 2012

January at the Food Carts

Missing Rip City? If you frequent the South Waterfront food carts, you may have noticed that Rip City Grill has been closed down since the holiday season. Clint is on his annual vacation. Not to worry, RCG will be back up and running Feb. 1.

Big News: Walking down the Food Cart Docks today, we found that Taste of a Gyro is no longer our "neighborhood Greek spot" and no longer serving gyros!  They are now serving $1.50 tacos and $5 burritos. Apparently, the price of gyro meat has risen unexpectedly, forcing them to make a drastic shift in menu. No word on a new name yet; until then, the sign says "Taste of ..... Food".  If you are a fan of his famous "I'm Sorry" sauce, you can still get it with your tacos, now with a little Mexican flair.

Next in line: Local Motive appears to be building a loyal following of local seafood fans. Wednesday's special included Wild Mushroom Risotto Balls stuffed with bay shrimp and Tillamook vintage white cheddar for $2. How can you resist?! Check out their Facebook page for details on daily specials, such as this posted today:
"Super Special!!! For tomorrow and Friday, we will be offering a 1/4 lb hazelnut/panko-encrusted Halibut Burger with a side for $8. Served on a locally baked como bun with lettuce and our homemade Tartar sauce. ALSO - we have been waiting to find the right one, but... we officially have gluten-free bread to offer!!!!"

Phone: 503 - 917 - 9292
Thai is back: And finally, I was happy to see Let's Eat Thai Food back this week, after a brief closure last week due to a family emergency. Everyone is doing better now, by the way. Judging by their lunchtime traffic, business seems to be going strong, due to regular customers from OHSU and the neighborhood. Take-out customers dominate, but there were still a few brave souls eating outside in the January wind and cold. Hey, but it is a dry cold!
Call for order: 503 - 516 - 9297

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