Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grimm Episode 20 Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 20: "Happily Ever Aftermath"
This week: "The classic Cinderella tale takes a very dark turn when Nick and Hank are called to investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch."

A Cinderella Story in West Linn - Getting 'Grimm'

Arthur & the Red Stairway
Arthur gets some bad news while sitting in his car on Naito Parkway, north waterfront, by the red stairway up to the Broadway Bridge.

Arthur & Lucinda's house
- Located at: Riverknoll Way in West Linn
- Filming took place ~ March 20-21
- OregonLive article March 27 about filming in West Linn's Barrington Heights neighborhood.
Riverknoll Way, West Linn (photo Sally Filler)
 Lucinda's Stepmother Mavis's house
- Located at: 30000 SW 35th Dr, Wilsonville, OR
- This 11,1110 sq ft mansion could be yours for just $4.5M: Redfin listing & John L Scott listing
- See photos and descriptions on Homes of the Rich blog, 'Authentic English Manor in Wilsonville, OR'
(Thank you to Adele for the info on this filming location!)
Stepmom's House -

Stepsister Taylor's house
- Located at: 6343 Wilhelm Dr, Tualatin
- Referred to as a fictional "435 Woodbury Drive" 
Stepsister Taylor's House -
6343 wilhelm on
 Usual suspects:
  • Nick & Juliette's house
  • Police Station
  • Aunt Marie's Trailer - this time with a train running through the background
Bonus: Shop Adorn on NBC Grimm - Read about how NE Portland clothing boutique, Shop Adorn, helped the show's stylists outfit the characters on Grimm. 
Monroe in his favorite cardigan
Missing this week:
  • Bridges - although we got a quick glimpse from under the Broadway
  • Monroe's house
  • The Spice Shop (and Rosalee)
A few random questions:
  • Physics...Is fighting an ultrasonic-killer creature with ultrasonics like fighting fire with fire? Pretty sure the physics do not work out with the medieval hand-crank machine they found, but hey, its magical Grimm TV land!
  • Why are they giving away their hand-crank high frequency machine (and to the Captain)? what if they need it again?
  • What will become of the mysterious guy on Nick's computer screen?
  • And a nagging question from last week...How did they know where to mail the severed heads???
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  1. Another great episode ... and after some digging, I found the stepmom's house on a Luxury Real Estate blog:

    Located at 30000 SW 35th Drive in Wilsonville, OR. Beautiful place! :D

    1. PS: Here's the relevant blog page:

    2. Nice work Adele! Thanks for posting! I will incorporate this info.