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Grimm Episode 19 Portland filming locations

David Zayas as Troll Mob leader (photo from
Grimm Episode 19: "Leave it to the Beavers"
This week: "As Nick delves into the trailer's weapons cabinet and his inner Grimm, the investigation of a dead construction worker leads him into a long-standing conflict in the creature world."
Aired: April 27 9pm PST

A new bridge makes an appearance this week: the Oregon City / Gladstone Bridge --- (along with a clever plotline about the creature "mob" and their troll-mobster-ing of the Portland bridges.)

Crime scene #1 = Construction site off 99E "under the Gladstone Bridge"
Filming took place at Clackamette Park
The Oregonian wrote a quick story with photos (Rick Bella, March 9) on the filming of this episode: 'Grimm' TV production moves to Clackamette Park in Oregon City

I received a few photos from a reader who was at the park filming:
Camera monitors under the bridge (from Sally Filler)
Filming with David Zayas (from Sally Filler)
Mannheim, Germany bar scenes:  The Lotus Cafe doubled as a German bar in a few scenes, most memorably the final scene where a Reaper receives and opens up a package with 2 severed heads in it.

The California Literature Review published an article by David Loftus (the actor who played the Reaper) about his experience on Grimm. A little trivia from his article: "I noticed that set dressers had placed pictures of Mad Ludwig’s lovely Neuschwanstein castle... and other German scenes inside the picture frames on the wall, but none of those turned out to be visible on camera."

Meeting of the Beaver Society
The Beaver Society meeting took place at Bull Run Powerhouse (thanks Jeff!) The "lodge" scenes were filmed in the former Transformer Building, and the fight and beheading took place in Turbine Hall (see comment below). It sounds like we may see this very cool location again in future filming.
Bull Run Powerhouse (now defunct) @ Bull Run
This is located ~6 miles north of Sandy on the Bull Run River, near Bull Run Reservoir. 

For more information:
Oregonian article, 2010
If you look into this a bit, you will also run across Roslyn Lake, another historical site that was used in the Pilot episode of Grimm.

"Portland Planning Commission" (the trolls') office
Nice bridge view out the window because they are literally under a bridge -- this is a cool location choice. It goes with the Trolls/Mob story line, and extortion under the bridges.  Love the photos of bridges on every wall, nice touch. According to my sources, the scenes were filmed here, in the building facing the Jefferson St Bridge:

Trip Trap Social Club
The mobster trolls met up here, in the cardroom at Lotus Cardroom & Cafe at SW 3rd & Salmon. The street entrance shown in the final scene was on Salmon.
Lotus Cardroom

 And this is where I'm woefully lacking information...but tomorrow is Friday, time for a new episode and I've held off long enough, so I must post and move forward. If anyone has location information or leads for the following, please shoot me a line!
  • Beaver's House
  • Arnold Beaver's trailer, (the young Beaver who is eye-witness to the crime)
  • John Beaver's repair shop
  • John Beaver's house - as mentioned in Episode 11, this house is located off Raleigh & 23rd
  • Warehouse/Barn - have we been here before?

Joe Streckert of The Portland Mercury wrote a blog posting in March regarding being an extra on this episode. For an amusing read, you can check it out here.

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  1. In fact, the site was not the Bull Run Dam, but the Bull Run Powerhouse. The "lodge" was located in the former Transformer Building. The fight and beheading was in the Turbine Hall.

    As one of the owners of the site, it was very cool seeing the place transformed and appreciated, and look forward to the lodge returning in the future.

    Jeff Joslin

    1. Jeff, thanks for your comment and details on the filming at Powerhouse! Look forward to seeing more...