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Grimm Episode 21 Portland filming locations

Hank figuring things out on
Grimm Episode 21: "Big Feet"
In this episode: "...Nick learns the suspected creature and friend of Monroe is suffering from a mysterious condition... the inability to completely return to human form."
Aired: May 11, 9pm PST

This might be the best forest footage yet. Also some great local spotlights. No bridges this week.

The show opens with a Blair Witch style video and 2 guys tracking down Bigfoot, somewhere around "Bluff Creek Valley".

& Forest Outside the Stables
Juliette gets called out to "Tom Carson's ranch" to check on a horse that has been attacked. This may have been at or near the Roloff Farm in Hillsboro (near Helvetia Tavern, see below), as their site has been used to stage for Grimm filming.
stables -
Disposing of a body in "Walden Park"
Monroe keeps disposing of bodies! What is this, like 3 now?
Some beautiful forest scenery this week...
Brinkerhoff's lecture in a library
The lecture scenes were filmed on location at the Crumpacker Family Library in the Portland Art Museum.  Confirmed here on their Facebook page; (the scene shows up at minute 22:54 for those of you who want to track it down).

"Located on the second floor of the Mark Building, the Library’s comfortable reading room and irreplaceable, non-circulating collection provide an urban retreat for anyone interested in art."
Crumpacker Library - Photo @
Juliette's Lab - a quick shot of Juliette at a lab "at OHSU" but not really...

Homeless Camp
- Under the old metal structure at Lower Macleay Park
- filmed here April 9
 Helvetia Tavern - Monroe and his support group meets here regularly.
- Located at 10275 Northwest Helvetia Road, Hillsboro, OR
- filmed here March 29
Helvetia Tavern -
Playing pool at Helvetia Tavern -

Brinkerhoff's Office - filmed in an office at the same Police Station building

Chase on South Park Blocks
- suspect at "12th & Alder", and a glimpse of the Portland Art Museum
Hank on foot on the Park Blocks -
Bigfoot goes into the Atrium the Portland Center for Performing Arts, Antoinette Hatfield Hall.
1111 SW Broadway

Red Theater - Final Showdown Scene
The Dolores Winningstad Theater at the Portland Center for Performing Arts was used for this dramatic finale.
Photo Michael Dahlstrom -
Brenda Braxton on the News - Everyone is talking about Brenda Braxton's cameo!

Usual locations:
Aunt Marie's Trailer
Police Station
Nick & Juliette's house
Monroe's house

A few good Monroe quotes:
"I may have Bigfoot sleeping on my couch."
"A group of us meet at the Helvetia's like an informal support group."

One little question:
Hey, what happened to Wu's crazy eating habits?

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  1. Found it! Brinkerhoff's Lecture in the library was filmed at the Crumpacker Family Library, at the Portland Art Museum downtown. Confirmed by library's Facebook page, episode was filmed in early April. A fun find from a librarian.

    1. Very cool! Thanks for doing the research!

  2. Sgt. Wu's crazy eating habit was cured by Rosalee in Episode 17 "Love Sick." :)

    1. Ahh yes...maybe I'm just missing his crazy antics