Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Land grab in the South Waterfront?

So there is a lot of news flying these days about land purchases, expansions, Zidell, OHSU, etc. Here is a quick summary of the major headlines:

1. OHSU did buy some new land (Blocks 23 & 27), including what is currently the dahlia fields & dog park. They say that we can continue to use it for dahlias and dogs for the foreseeable future. Construction of the future OHSU patient buildings will be awhile (no immediate plans).
Block 23 & 27
2. Zidell is developing more land. They just announced a proposed apartment building under the RI Bridge. They also recently purchased the 3030 Building (office building @ 3030 Moody Ave).
Photo from OregonLive piece by Elliot Njus

3. RiverPlace is not South Waterfront, even if the DJC insists on calling it so. Developers are looking at putting a new Hyatt in at RiverPlace.

And all of it leads the Portland Business Journal to ask "Is South Waterfront coming back?" This makes me wonder, where do they think it/we went???

This neighborhood has grown incredibly over the last 3 years. And in surprising ways...

There is a serious Baby Boom going on. If you look out in the afternoons, you will notice a bunch of stroller babies, young children walking with moms/dads/sitters/grandparents, and with the turn in weather, playing in the EC park fountain. I'm sure this was not quite expected by the city and investors/developers.
EC Park fountain - 5/13
Food Carts are thriving. We have only 5, but the lines of people every noon hour is astonishing at times. Clint regularly sells out by 1:30. I've also recently noticed a few taco trucks hanging out near the Block 49 construction site.
Lets Eat Thai Food cart
Services - We haven't seen the restaurants and retail scene exploding yet, but we have seen a significant number of services moving in to support the neighborhood. These include: Dentists, Daycares, Bank, Hair Salon, Spa/Salon, Counseling Center, School, Doggie Daycare, Storage, and a Bike Valet service overflowing with business.
Newest opening: Oranj Studio (in the Ardea)

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