Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cyclists Take Caution on Waterfront Trail

6/26 UPDATE: The offending barricade (below) has been moved out of the way since my original post.

6/19: This is just a heads-up to those of you who bike the waterfront trail between South Watefront and Sellwood Bridge.  I witnessed a bike wreck last weekend at the curve in the trail just around the corner from Aqua Riva. The cyclist took a left into the shortcut (which has been open and used as a shortcut for years) and hit a new concrete barrier, shown in the photo below:

Watch out for concrete barrier on the left!

(Note: strange blur on this image is where I digitally removed a bystander from the photo.)
The cyclist and his trailer (with kid inside) hit the pavement, trailer toppled over, etc. Two other family members narrowly avoided a pile-up. Fortunately, I don't think anyone was hurt beyond scrapes and bruises.

New concrete barrier from other direction.
Many people take the cut-through due to very poor trail conditions (BUMPS) on the regular trail. See below:
Terrible bumps, just past new asphalt

Perhaps this section of trail is next on the list for repaving? Nicely repaved asphalt is just up ahead:
Newly paved trail behind the (still under exterior repairs?) Willamette Wharf Office Bldg

A warning sign would be helpful and could help prevent more serious accidents.  

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