Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leverage Car Chase Photos

Friday was an eventful day on SW River Parkway. TNT's Leverage crews filmed car chase scenes repeatedly up and down the street.
Stunt cop on Leverage
Car chase at SW River Parkway & SW Gaines

In the morning there was a scene involving a police car screeching to a halt and skidding in a circle. (You can see the skid mark circles on the street in front of the John Ross.)

Mid-day to afternoon there was a scene involving a car and cop chase, with a (planned) near-miss accident and more screeching tires at the corner of SW River Parkway & SW Curry.

Leverage D.C. cop car
Notice the cars all have D.C. plates - our neighborhood fills in for Washington D.C. in a pinch. Just as a side note, on Grimm Season 1 Episode 18, Naito Parkway and the Salmon St fountain filled in for D.C as well.

Filming continued into the evening. This marks almost exactly 1 year from the previous Leverage filming in the South Waterfront. Last year's filming also included an exciting Ferrari chase down SW River Parkway. Our neighborhood was featured as the city of Dubai in the Season 4 episode, "Queen's Gambit".

Thank you to my neighbors who provided some of the photos here!

I have launched a new site featuring a compilation of Leverage filming maps and locations around Portland. This is a fully crowd-sourced site, with locations compiled and supplied by Leverage fans. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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