Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Park fountain turning on soon

There have been some rumors swirling around regarding the Elizabeth Caruthers Park fountain being shut down for the summer. The fountain had been running back around Mothers' Day weekend, but has been noticeably dry for the last few weeks. Further, the Portland Parks budget cuts were being implicated as the reason for said shut-down.

Dry E.C. park fountain on June 10
The Portland Parks & Rec budget posted online did not provide any details on this. So, I contacted the Portland Parks Commissioner (Nick Fish) to investigate!

I promptly heard back from the Commissioner's office with the following:
"...The fountains are shut off during the winter months, and are inspected in the spring to ensure there are no repairs needed.  The Parks Bureau has informed me that the Caruthers Fountain should be on in a matter of days..."

Very good news!

E.C. park fountain on Mothers' Day
As I thought about it, I was really quite sad to envision our summer without this fountain. We don't really have any other child-friendly features or playgrounds in the neighborhood or within walking distance.  And with the growing numbers of babies and children in the neighborhood, this fountain gets used!  It has become a meeting point and a focal point in our little park.

That said, I think a playground would be a very nice addition...anyone else?!

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