Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sellwood Bridge progress & photos

On a run this week, I explored around the Sellwood Bridge project, (this time noticing the signs and appropriately avoiding getting caught in a fenced-off hillside). I took the opportunity to capture a few photos of the latest developments.

Runners, walkers, bikers, take note: Trail Closed
Trail between Macadam Bay & the bridge 
There are still a number of issues up in the air regarding this portion of the bike/walking trail and access to Highway 43 for the people who live in the houseboats and on Miles Pl. has the latest and greatest project updates, including related posts in the media sphere.

Detour along Sellwood Ferry Rd 
Tree Huggers, take note: Landscape Revegetation Area
For more info:
Trees cleared
 Heavy machinery:

Take your Sellwood Bridge photos now, while you have the chance!

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