Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grimm Ep 202 Portland filming locations

Filming on Naito, June 16

Season 2 Episode 2: "The Kiss"

Tonight's plot: "Two Grimms are better than one, as Nick joins forces with his mother to take down his greatest threat yet."
Aired: August 20, 10:00pm PST

Last week's Premier was "to be continued", so we opened episode #2 mid-battle in the old lumber mill. Within minutes, we are treated to a gruesome half-arm hanging from the rafters. I think it was FBI lady's arm. Is it just me or this season much more gory than the last?!

Albers Mill 

The Albers Mill building on Naito Parkway made it's debut, gracefully filling in for "Treeview Hospital" in this episode. Filming took place there in mid-June (see above).
Albers Mill - photo (c) Sally F.
Treeview Hospital - photo (c) Sally F.
Fun fact: this is across the street from where Arthur was parked when he got the bad news in Episode 20 (Season 1).

Very lovely shot of Nick throwing his gun into the Willamette:

Parking Garage

This looks like the same yellow and white garage from last season, episode 13. Those scenes were shot in the Montgomery Park parking garage.

Renard's Brother's Castle in Germany

This new guy and his castle are becoming more and more interesting.... 

Back to some familiar spots:

Sorry folks, but it looks like that was the last we'll be seeing of Adalind's mom's house...and Adalind's mom. Question though, Nick's superpower fighter mom killed Adalind's mom...and *then* asked her how to save Juliette? It might have been a good idea to reverse that.

...before finishing up with a little AMNESIA!

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