Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fulton Park Community Center

Fulton Community Center
If you've ever taken the "back roads" home from Burlingame Fred Meyer, you may have driven past the Fulton Community Center. It is a little stucco building on a grassy corner lot at 68 SW Miles St, just off Barbur Blvd (about 3.5 miles from the South Waterfront).

I recently received a message from a reader regarding the center. There is a proposal to close the Fulton Community Center due to city budget cuts forcing a $1M reduction from the Parks & Rec Bureau. The center was threatened in 2006 as well, although survived that time.

You can view the proposed budget packages at the Parks & Rec site here. In a summary by the Southwest Community Connection, other proposed cost-cutting measures include "...ending regular trash pickup at parks, closing 189 public toilets, reducing park landscaping maintenance and closing summertime “splash pads” at 12 city parks. Hillside Community Center in Northwest Portland is also facing closure." What??? You can't close the park toilets!!! For more on this topic, see Phlush.com, Portland's Public Restroom Advocates.

I'm passing along some additional information I received regarding events and activities at the Fulton Park Community Center.
  • An Intro to CrossFit for people ages 13-113 will be held at Fulton Community Center every Friday in February from 6-7AM for the crazy low cost of $40 for all four classes!  Help Save Fulton Park Community Center and get a workout. Send your friends. Send your enemies.
  • Fulton Park Community Center and Pre-School is hosting its first ever Family Martial Arts Night this Friday, February 3rd from 4-7PM. This event will kick off with a showing of “Kung-Fu Panda,” (starting at 4PM) followed by demonstrations (starting at 5:45 PM) from The Westside and Eastside Academy of Kung Fu (combined),… Mo Duk Pai Lion Dance Team, Capoeira Ijexa Portland, and Oregon Kendo Club. Some demonstrations will have optional audience participation for all ages. FPCC is located at 68 SW Miles Street in Portland, 97219. ----- Bring your own picnic dinner and enjoy the show! This event is free and donations will be accepted to benefit Fulton Park Community Center. You may even purchase a ‘lucky money envelope’ for $1 to fill with cash to feed to the lion!
  • A third section of Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu for 4 and 5-year olds will be starting Feb 27th at Fulton Park Community Center, on Mondays from Noon-12:30.  If registration goes well another section will be added from 12:30-1PM. 

Contact Lara Jones at: info@WestsideAKF.com for more info, or to be added to interest lists. (Please feel free to pass along to anyone who may be interested.)

Lara Jones
Westside Academy of Kung Fu
CrossFit Hillsdale
1509 SW Sunset Blvd.
Portland, OR 97239

Supporters feel the center has high usage and fills a strong need in the community, serving as the site for a preschool and a number of regular dance classes.

FPCC in the News:
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