Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grimm Episode 12 Portland filming locations

What is the first rule of Grimm Fight Club?

Grimm Episode 12: "Last Grimm Standing"

Premise: 'A murder leads Nick and Hank to an underground fight club.' Make that fight club / hunger games.

Awhile back, I heard about the Beaverton PAL boxing team involved in filming for Grimm. It looks like this is the episode.

Another Forest Murder
Per usual, our opening scene involves a murder, and this time it's a double homicide of a couple at their cabin in the woods. The Portland Business Journal (of all things) published a story today about the local actor, Allen Nause, killed in this scene. Nause offers a few details about the scene: "Nause shot the scene about two months ago in an old growth forest off Highway 26 about 45 minutes outside of Portland."

We get our usual Police Station shots, Nick's house, as well as a visit to Aunt Marie's trailer.

"Boxing Gym on 8th"
Boxing Gym on SE Alder St
As mentioned above, I think this is the Beaverton PAL boxing team filming.
Gym location: SE Alder St  (Thanks for the tip, OldeSaultie!)

Running trail in Forest Park
One of the creature boxers takes off on a 10 mile loop he calls "Trappers Peak", and we see 2 trailhead signs "Trapper Peak" and "Creek Access". This is not the first time a trail runner has run into trouble on this show. In fact, the opening scene of the Pilot episode includes a Little Red Running Hoodie running along a forest trail.

Linnton, OR
Linnton is a small community located on the Willamette a few miles north of Portland (just north of the St. John's Bridge), SE of Sauvie Island along St. Helen's Highway. It's just not a place you ever really hear mentioned.

Dive bar = Slabtown in NW
Monroe corners a bookie regarding the Grimm creature fight club in this scene, shot at Slabtown Bar (1033 NW 16th Ave).
Catholic church
The dirty police chief got a little more screen time this week. He showed up at confession to speak with a "special" priest.  The church looks very similar to St. Stephens in SE, but I don't think it is. Still looking into this one.
Other locations:  There was also a police chief scene in a generic parking garage where he bullied a creature. This was probably the garage in The Encore, a condo building in the Pearl used in the previous episode as well.  

There's a quick recap for now. As always, if you have any additional tips, send me a note!

Oh by the way, I ran into David Giuntoli this morning in PDX. He blended right in as a cool, laid-back Portlander flying Alaska Airlines in jeans and a hoodie.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Aunt Marie's trailer is really a TARDIS? Seriously, it looks tiny on the outside but huge on the inside! ;)

  2. So true! A lot goes on inside that tiny trailer...and how do they fit the camera crew? :)