Sunday, April 1, 2012

Waterfront trail is flooded

I guess I have not been ventured south of the South Waterfront in a week or so. About 1.26 miles into my run yesterday (testing out the Runkeeper App*), I ran into this:

No signs, no warnings, no "word on the street" from neighbors - just an impasse between runner and river, as the Willamette eventually took over the entire path.

Consider this a friendly heads-up!

*As for Runkeeper for Android, it worked well for a trial run. I didn't require an account setup, so I could just turn it on and go. I chose the no-coaching option. It gives real-time current pace (min/mi), as well as average pace. Surprisingly, I liked the audio updates. Best of all, it allows for opening the camera and snapping photos from within the app.

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