Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grimm Episode 18 Portland filming locations

Hawthorne Bridge during filming - courtesy Sally Filler
Grimm Episode 18: "Cat and Mouse"  
This week: "Nick discovers that the suspect in his latest case is a freedom fighter trying desperately to escape the clutches of a creature bounty hunter."
Aired: April 20

Opening Shot - Hawthorne Bridge
It's always nice to see one of our bridges open up the show. the show finishes with up with a body being dumped there, by Monroe.

Aunt Marie's Trailer - Per usual, Nick spends some time searching the wonders inside AMT, finding old video footage and an old school projector on which to watch this footage...Hitler...

The freedom fighter back story this week arrives via DC & St. Louis.
  • Washington DC - I think this was Grimm's first foray outside of Oregon... a little intrigue and bad guy antics in our nation's capital. HOWEVER... the scene was actually filmed in Portland! It is said to be filmed right around this general area on Naito Parkway
  • St. Louis, MO - Short stop in St. Louis, with a view of the Arch from a dirty hotel room where a creature guy is murdered. CGI? Anyone know?

Union Station stars on Grimm Ep 18
(photo courtesy of Sally Filler)
Union Station
There was a lot of action at Portland's Union Station throughout this week's episode. A leader of "the resistance" (Ian) arrives in Portland, at Union Station to be exact, and makes a beeline to Rosalee and The Spice Shop. It turns out, Rosalee's family has been a part of "the resistance" for years, and she and Ian seem to have some kind of creature bond (which Monroe does not appreciate).
     Q: Did the freedom fighter creature take a bus from St. Louis?! (Union Station to Union Station?)

    Capt. Renard's Condo 
    Renard's condo first appeared in Episode 13, filmed at The Encore. Great view from the top floor.
    Renard's condo -
    The Encore from
    Q: Did you catch the Renaissance painting on the wall? Has anyone identified it?
    Renard's condo & painting -

    Shanghai Tunnel Bar - 211 SW Ankeny 
    Bad guy visits the creature bartender here, looking for somewhere to get a fake passport. Bartender does not fare so well. A display of local brews was on the wall menu. (Portland beer seems to be a recurring theme.)
    Nick & Wu @ Shanghai Tunnel bar -

    Shanghai Tunnel during filming - courtesy Sally Filler
    Shanghai Tunnel @ 211 SW Ankeny
    Nick & Juliette's House
    The Spice Shop
    Police Station
    Streets of Old Town/Chinatown:
    Monroe's car, Spice Shop - photo courtesy of Sally Filler
    Monroe's car, Spice Shop - photo courtesy of Sally Filler
    Reginald's Camera - This is the place to go for a fake creature passport. Sorry, I cannot reveal the location.  (But if you're walking down SW 3rd Ave, you might be in luck.)

    There are only a few episodes left this season. The good news is that Grimm is signed on for Season 2!

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    1. It's nice to know that Portland can fill in for DC in a pinch. :-) The establishing shot for DC is actually the Portland waterfront, at the Salmon Street fountain, (you can actually see part of the fountain jets, with the water off, at one point) with a little hocus-pocus in the background, and with a nice memorial-style obelisk in the foreground. That was cool. Thanks for posting this stuff, I like to find out where scenes were filmed.

      1. You are right! Thanks for the comment and for following along!

    2. I was watching the waterfront and Chinatown shots, it was really cool.

    3. Entrance to Renard's apartment house was filmed on 1255 NW Overton, Portland.